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The History of Masselink Brothers

Masselink Brothers Trucking Service, Inc. has been family owned and operated for three generations.  We opened for business in 1946 with a single straight truck making deliveries for the local furniture manufacturers.

Since then the company has grown and evolved into a leader in the Intermodal drayage of Steamship containers.

In the 1950’s we began our affiliation with the rail industry with our pickup and delivery  of LCL (less than carload) traffic.  Under contract with the C&O railroad, we serviced a sixty mile radius from their LCL terminal in Grand Rapids Mi.

In 1960 we began operating Rail Piggyback Facilities for the C&O Railroad and the Grand Trunk Railroad. We operated ramps in Grand Rapids Mi, Lansing Mi and Benton Harbor Mi for the C&O; and ramps in Grand Rapids Mi and Muskegon Mi for the GTW.

In 1982 the transition began as large Intermodal Hubs began replacing the regional rail piggyback ramps. We responded by expanding our drayage services to include the Rail ramps and Steamship yards in both Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan.  This allowed our customers additional routing and service options for their Intermodal shipments.

The Masselink neutral pool and Container yard operations, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, opened with one Steamship Line back in 1975.  There are now many major Steamship Lines that participate, offering local origin and termination options to their customers in Western Michigan.

 In the early 1970’s we became affiliated with West Michigan Consolidators. They offer inland transportation of International container shipments by rail, or over the road. WMC operates throughout the entire continental United States. 

In February of 1999, we became commission agents for Van’s Interstate Service, Inc.  This allowed us to grow our trucking company and offer the following additional services to our customers: Van’s Delivery Service provides customers with local delivery service throughout the state of Michigan and provides Flat Bed and Truck Load service throughout the Midwest.

A lot has changed since 1946, but one thing has remained the same - Our commitment to providing high quality service for each and every customer.

History in Pictures

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